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Aiff best copies

I may have gotten better at post-production finally to the point where I can sort of do it. Here are the best copies of songs so far.

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Album: Too Many in the Same Boat

Album: Soothe my soul

Standing on the Golden Rail

song: late capitalism

terraforming europa

Artwork for lush

song: lush

free form jam (end of May - date uncertain)

song: 1922 revised

wednesday free form jam 5/24/17

saturday ukulele free form jam 5/20/17

friday free form 5/19/17

friday free form jam 5/12/17

wednesday 5/10/17 free form jam

monday free form jam 5/8/17

Song: Rum

Friday night blues improv jam 1

Iago's Advice (synth)

Song: Heart of the matter

Song: Capitalism

song: Palace Coup (from Black and Red)

Album: Black and Red

Let it Ride (Old Man Voice)

Album: Mostly Instrumental

Song: Need

Song: No To The Next War

Song: Coffee in the late afternoon

Song: Here Comes the Queen of Chaos

Song: McJobs

Song: Western Democracy

Song: Terrible Youth

Song: like 1922

Song: Help me blues

Song: Ukes in Fall

Song: Yet So Cool in Here

Song: Ode to Mckinley Morganfield Blues

Song: Variations on a Theme

Song: Keeping On

Song: Gadfly

Album: Escape from America

Song: Fighting Demons

Song: Weird/ Make Our Way

Song: Can't Go Back

Song: That Thomas Pynchon Book

Song: Ode to Paul Bowles in Morocco.

Song: On the Road to Gaul

Song: Never Been to Iceland

Song: Planning My Escape

Song: Leave Funk

Song: Can't Get By

Song: No Hope

Song: Emigration Blues

Song: Overdrive

Song: Leave Necessarily

Song: VOA

Song Rigged Election

Song: With Corbyn

Where is democracy?

This will be used for next album cover for bandcamp compilation

Song: Leave the USA

Song: Like Andy Iona

song: been such a fool

it is in the river

Song: Haunted by my demons

It is in the air

she has come to restore democracy

What is she waiting for?

Her potted plant in the courtyard

high tea

Be happy it is spring, but...

The strange boy of the country orchard

The Princess Knows it is Almost Spring

Mysterious Hero with Driver's License

The Wizard Waits

Our Hero Lies Low

Home in the Snow